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Small Paws offers a variety of services to those living with companion animals. With a strong focus on the “small paws” our primary species are the animals that we often think of as the forgotten ones; the ferrets, rabbits, and small rodents. This is not to say we don't love all animals, we are very excited when you reach out to us to talk about your cat, dog, or bearded dragon, but in all the years that Shannan, has been working with animals she found that more often than not she'd walk into a home because someone wanted to start training their dog and yet their guinea pig would sit in a cage all day with nothing to do. We want to change that and are very passionate about it!

So one step at a time, and we are hoping to start with the small paws (sorry snakes - we love you too!)

Please see our services below and if you have a dog, cat or multispecies household we are happy to work with you too, we're just very excited to get a start working for the little guy and hope you are too.



Nipping? Litter box issues? Is your animal chewing cords, or destroying the furniture? Contact us for information on behaviour management and humane training so you can begin to set your animal up for success.

Remote consults available for those not located in Toronto.



Want to start teaching your old rat some new tricks? How about finally winning those ferret tube races or teaching your guinea pig to run agility? We are happy to come to your home and teach you how to get started either clicker training your animal or simply using some inexpensive household items to give your animal no matter what the species the enrichment they need to make their day even more exciting.

New Pet
Thinking of bringing a new animal in your home? Before you do we'll be happy to guide you through the basics, ensuring you have what you need in advance to set your new animal up for success. We'll talk about what your expectations are, pet selection and suitability, as well as those first few days at home. We also offer a follow-up Skype call after your bring your new pet home to ensure that you are all settling in as one family.
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