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2018 Special

March - April

Have you recently adopted a new animal? Whether introducing two animals of the same species or becoming a multi-species household it's important your animals get off on the right foot. 

Contact us for information about pet introductions. 

For those planning in advance to introduce a new animal to the household we offer a one hour consult where we will suggest proper management techniques and advice to ensure the safety of your animals. After the consult you should have a plan in place for initial introductions as well as ongoing reinforcement to not only safely introduce your new companion but to increase the odds of a successful, happy relationship between your new and current pets.

Please note that we do not recommend all animals co-habitate, there are certain species, commonly predator-prey interactions, and certain individual animals where we do not recommend introductions. Whenever possible we will inform you in advance if this is not a recommended pairing however there are times when information becomes available during a consult, in those situations we will provide a written recommendation that two animals not be housed together.

One hour consult $60, in person or via skype.

If you are located outside of the GTA a travel fee will be required for any in person consults, please contact us for a quote.


Dog Behaviour


Initial Assessment* 1.5hrs $125

Hourly $75

1 month package: 1 hour meeting, 3 thirty minute weekly meetings, and 1 thirty minute follow-up call one month later. $190

2 month package: 2 hour long meetings, 6 thirty minute meetings scheduled as needed, and 4 thirty minute support calls included and 1 additional thirty minute follow-up call one month later. $450

Is your dog barking and lunging at other dogs, or people when you are out? Does your dog jump up on guests or growl when you reach for a toy? Our goal is to teach you and your dog to open the lines of communication and to give your dog a few more tools to better cope with being a dog in world designed for the urban person. 

All dog behaviour is conducted in your home or outdoors depending on the concerns you would like to address. We are currently not accepting dog behaviour clients outside of metropolitan Toronto. If you are located outside of Toronto and are looking for a dog behaviour consultant we recommend you visit the IAABC consultant locator

*Please note an initial assessment is required for all behaviour clients, reduced fees are available for shelter referrals. Please contact us for details

Small Mammal Behaviour

Ferret, Rabbit, & Rodent


Initial Assessment* 1.5hrs $125

Hourly $65

1 month package: 1 hour meeting, 3 thirty minute weekly meetings, and 1 thirty minute follow-up call one month later. $165

2 month package: 3 hour long meetings, 5 thirty minute meetings, and 2 thirty minute follow-up calls included. $375

We can tailor the right behaviour package to your pets needs, whether your ferret is biting, your rabbit is chewing cords or you are having trouble introducing two rats to each other we're happy to help. If you have questions as to what is right for you please contact us.

All small mammal behaviour is conducted in your home, this is for the comfort and safety of your animal. If you are located outside of the Toronto area and require assistance please contact us for information about a Skype or Google Hangouts consult, we are happy to assist where we can.

*Please note an initial assessment may not be required for small mammals. Please contact us for details.

Small Mammal Training
Ferret, Rabbit, & Rodent
Single 1 Hour Appointment - $60
Three 45 Minute Appointment - $145
Five 45 Minute Appointment - $200
Learn important skills such as targeting and recall or start adding some tricks and agility to your pets repertoire. Understand how you can use positive reinforcement to build your relationship with your pet and teach them valuable skills while providing enrichment that exercises both their body and mind.
Our session will include brief hands on training with your animal as well as time where we will work without the animal. This allows us to not stress or overwork the animal as small mammals often have shorter attention spans than dogs or cats. Please expect frequent 'pet breaks' to focus on mechanical skills with just the trainer.
Up to two pets can be included in a training session, additional animals can be added at an additional cost. Email for details.
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