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Thank you for your interest! Currently Small Paws is unavailable for consults as we relocate from Toronto to Fernie, BC.  We will be back online in Aug. 2018 and happy to assist you with your animal behaviour or training questions. Thank you for your understanding!

Have a question but unable to find the answer on our site? Are you unsure if Small Paws is the service for you? Send us an email and we'll help you navigate the path to finding the appropriate care for your companion animal.

Please note the first step in all animal behaviour assessments is to ensure that your pet has had a recent veterinary visit and that the animal is either in good health or at least is under the care of a qualified veterinarian. We are happy to work alongside your medical team to ensure that your companion is receiving the best possible care they can receive. If you have not had a recent veterinary visit please contact your veterinarian first, your pets physical health is a priority.


Thank you!

Shannan Skitch

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